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[for whom the bell tolls...]

but did thee feel the earth move?

hammingway, ernst
9 September
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So, this would be me, in a nutshell.



Irish. Danish. Scottish. Many, many other obscure random nationalities.

O.C. whore. Although, this season? Reason for pondering that.

Reformed Whedonwhore.

A bit of a Bitch, really.

Big, big, big dork.

Tripod is my not-so-very secret crack.

Unabashed fangirl of multiple fandoms.

Proud attender of 'nerd school'.

I am argante's evil twin.

I am thiswholeflight's partner-in-crime.
a walk to remember, alice in wonderland, alternative lifestyle, ambiguous gay subtext, anarcho-punk, anarchy, angel, angelic upstarts, angels, animal rights, anti-nazi, anti-racism, anti-sexism, avoiding homework, b/a, b/a love, b/a smut, babbling, baking geekery, banana smoothies, being lame, big boots, bisexuality, bjork, bleach, books, buffy, buffy/angel, captain sensible, cds, celtic, chaos uk, chaotic dischord, chocolate, colin farrel, combat 84, comments, conflict, connor/dawn, converse, corsets, dancing randomly, discharge, discworld, donnas, draco malfoy, dropkick murphys, duck's fanfic, eyeliner, fairies, fandom/porn, fishnets, fretting, friends, going barefoot, grammar nazism, hair-dye, harry potter, hayden christensen, history, human rights, iggy pop, infa-riot, jack sparrow, johnny depp, johnny thunders, kate beckinsale, lauren/fred/cass/george, lower class brats, lurkers, major accident, making clothes, mindless fangirling, mohawks, muppet!angel, music, nightmare before christmas, oliver wood, one way system, orlando bloom, overcoming writer's block, oxymoron, parks, partisans, perving, photography, piercings, pirates of the caribbean, politics, pretty boys and girls, protests, punk, punk rock, punks, rancid, random friending, rasputina, reading, really cool hats, red london, remus/sirius, reviews, riot squad, runes, safety pins, sex pistols, sham 69, shows, something old series, street punk, summer not winter, tapes, tattoos, television, the clash, the misfits, the smell of rain, tim burton, tom felton, tomb raider, toy dolls, uk subs, underworld, van helsing, vegans, vegemite/butter, vegetarians, vodka, whiskey, whitelighters, willow/oz, window seats on buses, words, writing, x-ray spex